Windy and chilly but enjoyed some clothes free time in the garden.

It’s a chilly and blustery early March day but I decided to still brave it Naked and enjoy the feeling of fresh air. We have a line of cherry trees in the road at the rear of our garden and at this time of year when they’re in blossom it tends to blow all over our garden.

The decking area in particular needed a sweep and tidy up.

Been a while since I last posted…

Apologies everyone that I haven’t been active on my Naturist blog for a while.

I’m all good and life has just taken me off into different places and adventures.

Lockdown in the UK surprisingly has given me some quality time to be myself and thanks to some good weather, plenty of naked time in the garden and a few naked hikes nearby.

I’ve also bought a small foldable bicycle, very un-trendy but it was the only type I could get my leg over (thanks to a double hip replacement my flexibility is not as good now). The bike while sometimes difficult to ride if I’m in pain has given me a lot of freedom and the ability to go places I could not walk to.

I’ll sign off for now but I promise to be more active on my blog and all I can say is stay safe and stay naked! X

Naturism and my online presence: A Positive Light?

Naturist Fab

Recently, I decided to open up and take ownership about naturism and put my name on my social media accounts. I did this because firstly, I am not ashamed of being nude and being in forced “retirement” I don’t have the fear of repercussions from an employer.

If people happen to come across my nude photos, so be it. Naturism is not for everyone and if someone asks me about it, I will answer honestly, I love the freedom of not being encumbered by clothing.

Some might ask, but why have nude pictures of myself and if I’m an exhibitionist. Naturism is not about exhibitionism and promoting nudity in daily situations that most do while wearing clothes. Naturism isn’t sexual and if I happen to post nude pictures of myself online it’s all about the context and message of body acceptance.

Others might say, “but do you have to show…

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Cork art gallery opening its doors for nude tours this weekend

Attendees will be able to “view the subject of nudes from a place of nudity”, organisers said.

Saturday 22 September 2018 18:01

THE CRAWFORD ART Gallery in Cork is set to host a number of nude tours this weekend as part of the Naked Truth exhibition.

The first of the tours – with the exhibition open to the public also and set to run until the end of October – will be attended by independent nudist group Cork Clothes Free this weekend.

A spokesperson for Cork Clothes Free said the Crawford Art Gallery has provided its members with a “unique and wonderful opportunity… to view the subject of nudes from a place of nudity”.

The exhibition covers the nude in Irish art, bringing together 80 pieces by 30 different artists to “assert the existence of a rich history of the depiction of the naked and the unclothed body” in the work of Irish artists.

The work of the likes of Francis Bacon, Mainie Jellett, Robert Ballagh and Amanda Coogan feature at Naked Truth

Other attendees include the Irish Naturist Association, a group that has been in existence for over 50 years.

Bookings for participants approved by the Irish Naturist Association can be made here.

Crawford Art Gallery is joining the likes of Palais de Tokyo in Paris and Australia’s National Gallery in welcoming nude tours through its doors.

Gallery director Mary McCarthy said: “We have been overwhelmed by people’s positive responses to Naked Truth : The Nude in Irish Art.

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Photos courtesy Crawford Art Gallery

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Neighbours Upset With Florida Man Who Mows His Lawn While Naked

A Florida man is upsetting his neighbors because he likes to do his yardwork while naked. Residents have complained to the police, but they were told officers cannot do anything because the man is not breaking any laws.

“I came out Sunday night to put the trash out, and I look over and he is bent over, winding up his hose, and I’m like that is my view of the neighborhood,” one of his neighbors, Melissa Ny, told WPBF-TV.  “He works on his car, and he does it naked and everyone has called the police, he is just out there doing his yard work, whatever he needs to do outside, naked.”

Another resident was concerned that children waiting for the school bus might see the man as he walks around his property while completely nude.

While indecent exposure is against the law in Florida, police told local residents that the man is allowed to be naked on his own private property as long as he does not touch himself inappropriately.

Martin County Sheriff William Snyder told Fox News that his department is working with a legal advisor to see if they can do anything to stop the man from being in his front yard without any clothing on. They are looking into various statutes and court rulings to see if they could bring charges against him for being naked in his front yard, as opposed to inside his home or in his backyard.

Naturist Martin’s comment – leave the poor man alone, he’s not harming anyone, he’s just mowing the lawn and going about his daily chores in his front yard clothes free. How can that be offensive?

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Photo: getty images and Martin Belcher

Saturday afternoon clothes free garden project

My old wooden mini-greenhouse was over 10 years old and despite treating it with wood preserver, it rotted away to such an extent, it was literally falling to bits.

I decided to buy a new one from Amazon which was delivered flat packed, so started the afternoon fun…

Luckily clothes free and feeling relaxed I took on some very confusing instructions and diagrams in an English \ Chinese hybrid, often funny. Luckily the diagrams were easier to follow than the instructions!

3 and a half hours later, with sore hands it was finished, several screws left over, which is slightly concerning however the finished greenhouse feels sturdy and I’m happy.

It’s set in place, already with my chilli peppers in there. Looking forward to many seasons of growing.