New guidelines in the UK could mean that we’ll be seeing more GENITALS on TV as of next year

THE BBFC has carried out market research on nudity in TV.

We could be seeing a lot more skin from our favourite stars of TV and film as full-frontal nudity could soon be heading to our screens.

Market research has been carried out by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) about a number of issues on British TV.

The results on the research means that we could be seeing a lot more nudity on our screens starting next year – more specifically, erect penis’.

According to the BBFC boss David Austin, Brits are becoming a lot more relaxed about seeing full-frontal nudity in movies and on TV and we could see a lot more erections from 2019.

Speaking to Radio 4, he said: “These days if you have an erection on screen, the issue is is it a 15 level erection or an 18 level erection.

“We’ve been consulting with the public on this and in 2013, we liberalised slightly and we’re now going back to the public as we speak and saying, ‘have we got this right? have we done what you asked us to do in terms of he we classify erections?’”

Non-sexual nudity is currently able to appear in U or PG films, meaning it is able to be viewed by children.

It is when nudity becomes sexual that it needs to be censored, with the strength of the nudity determining whether it should be shown in a 15 or 18 classified production.

But now we could all be free to watch nudity if the guidelines are passed.

He continued: “It’s clear from the research we’re doing at the moment and were doing four/five years ago and, to an extent, before that that the public are relaxed about nudity and don’t equate it to sex.”

It has been claimed before that the BBFC use the Mull of Kintyre test to decide whether or not a willy can she shown on screen.

It was said that the board would decide if a penis can be shown if it was more erect that the outline of the Mull of Kintyre. However, the BBFC have shot down rumours of the tale, naming it “an urban legend.”

Article courtesy of OK Magazine

4 thoughts on “New guidelines in the UK could mean that we’ll be seeing more GENITALS on TV as of next year

  1. An erect penis is not sex, it is merely a function of the male body. Why not show it if it’s a part of the story or it’s context.

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