Early January 2017 – enjoying some clothes free time in my garden.

It’s Sunday 8th January 2017, happy new year by the way!

Martin BelcherAfter a cold spell in the first week of January with nighttime frosts with the coldest night so far this year recorded in England of -8 degrees, the weather has changed direction and now milder Atlantic low pressure systems are due to rattle past in the next few days. 

Today it’s mild but grey, overcast and with light drizzle, it’s not very pleasant at all, I much prefer cold, crisp sunny days at this time of year. 

My garden is looking wet and a bit sad for itself, most plants are in Winter hibernation apart from the many evergreen shrubs I have growing in the garden.

My photinina (red robin) tree continues to flourish with beautiful hues of green leaves. The first signs of Spring and it will begin to burst into life with bright red leaves.

My many conifers all look resplendent and green. I will give them a nice trim in Spring to keep their shape. At present they need no more work.

One of my ‘garden casualties’ is one of my terracotta garden pots which has been a victim of frost.

The water gets in to the pot through hairline cracks and then during the frost, the water freezes, expands and breaks it.

I’ve lost a large chunk from the side as you can see in the photo of me not looking very pleased!

I will see if I can repair it, if not, it will make great drainage for larger pots when broken up and it’s a good excuse to treat myself to a new one!

Well, there’s not much else to report in the garden at this time of year, so it’s back indoors and dream of Spring!

Martin BelcherEnjoy your outdoor space whatever the weather and if you’re a keen naturist like me, try and get some outdoor clothes free time, your body, mind and immune system will thank you. 

Bye for now!

A brief spell outdoors clothes free in November!

Today is 6th November and a cold northerly wind has set in bringing cold weather and a significant wind chill even down here in the usually mild south of England.

As a keen outdoors naturist, even some cold weather doesn’t deter me from enjoying some outdoors time clothes free to feel the windy and air all around my skin. It’s amazing how quickly after the initial shock that your skin reacts and copes with the temperature drop. I find just a scarf around my neck helps make it more tolerable and providing it’s not raining (wet & cold is the worst!) and you continue to move around, you can stay outdoors naked for quite some time. 

There’s not a huge amount to do outdoors this time of year, mostly sweeping up leaves, raking the lawn and some pruning. 

It feels my mind with joy, my body with renewed vigour and my heart with love to enjoy and be amongst nature clothes free, natural and at peace with the environment around me.

Enjoying the garden clothes free in late summer.

Here in Hampshire in southern England it’s been quite a nice Summer 2016. Not a record breaker by any means and the lack of long settled periods was disappointing. Despite this temperatures especially in July and August have been above average for the time of year and high humidity has been an issue on many days.

If you’re a regular follower of my blogs you will know I started a garden project in late Spring to turn an area of garden shaded by an Acer tree and a buddleia into a ‘woodland’ area covered in bark chips and interspersed with pots filled with ladies mantle, wild mint and ferns. My decision to do this was mainly because of repeated attempts at growing grass in this area failed due to heavy shade and dry soil.

Almost four months on and I’m really pleased with how it’s looking:

The wild mint, ladies mantle and various ferns have grown very well and given a boring area a different feel, it’s now a natural home to many wood lice, ladybirds and other beetles.

Here’s a photo of me (below) in my home grown woodland enjoying my little glade clothes free, natural and at harmony with my surroundings:

All it leaves me to do now is give my little woodland area a name = I officially name it in honour of my dear late Mum. “Joan’s glade”. Beautiful. 

My tomatoes are growing fast!

After a poor crop last Summer, the poor start to this years Summer seemed that my tomato plants were doomed again but in the last week or two following above average temperatures and abundant sunshine, my tomatoes have put on some speed and grown fast.They are flowering now and some small fruit appearing, my next task over the next few days is to start trimming back excessive growth so that the plants energy goes into producing a healthy crop of delicious tomatoes! Can’t wait.

Weekend garden project – nature/ naturist.

I have a small area in the corner of my garden shaded by conifers and an Acer tree that I try my best to grow grass on every year and by the late autumn it all dies. 

I must be spending a lot of money and time each year, buying new grass seed and tending and cutting it to see it die and have to start it all over again in the spring.

I had a brainwave a few weeks ago to give up on growing grass in this corner and instead bark chip the ground and add pots of shade loving plants. Not only is it almost maintenance free, it’s kind to insects and other wildlife in the garden.

It meets my naturist beliefs of protecting nature and living in harmony with it. 

Luckily we’ve had some gorgeous warm, sunny weather this early May weekend in southern England and it’s been just perfect for me to work on this garden project and after a few hours, I’m really pleased with the results. 

I have some ferns growing which I will add soon and further pots to give it that authentic woodland feel. I love it and I’ve really enjoyed working naked on both World Naked Gardening Day (7th May) and Sunday.

Enjoy your garden if you have one, if not try and get out and enjoy nature outdoors. It’s good for mind and body.