A naked ramble into the woods…

I dusted off my very rarely used Nordic Walking poles and decided to take advantage of the nice late September sunshine and take a little walk towards Harewood Forest on the outskirts of Andover, Hampshire UK.

The Nordic Walking poles actually enable me to walk further than I would normally be able to do because they support my weight and also help to straighten my spine as I walk. The added benefit of an upper body walkout too.

Within 15 minutes I had walked the pathway out of town, under the A303 dual carriageway and into peaceful countryside, I can’t walk too far because I need to judge the distance to walk back, so I decided to turn off the path and into some fields. It was deserted with no one around so I thought it was safe to take off all my clothes and enjoy a walk naked.

I have done this walk many times in the past and have come across occasional dog walker and hiker and almost everyone says hello and smiles. I think providing you say hello and act normally, the fact that you’re naked (although initially a shock) causes no alarm. Some people in the past have said “good for you” and “nice day for a naked walk”.

The feeling of being naked in nature with the sun and air all over my skin is something magical and the majority of people who have never tried being naked in the outdoors are really missing a great feeling.

I enjoyed a 15 minute walk and picked some blackberries in the hedgerows, sat in the grass bare foot and just let the sunshine and peace fill my soul. 

Time then to get dressed again and head back home.

British Naturism – London & South East England newsletter September 2017

A copy of the British Naturism – London & South East England newsletter September 2017 – available to members, I thought I’d share it to encourage people to get involved and join BN.

Please consider joining British Naturism. http://www.bn.org.uk

Many thanks to John Rodgers who has done so much for the benefit of naturists in the South East. Wearing many hats (but not much else), he took on the roles of Regional Co-ordinator and Members’ Rep as well as actively leading walks, beach days and garden visits. His departure to Shropshire will, no doubt, be to the advantage of those living in that area, but it leaves these posts unfilled which also means that, more than ever, the organisation of activities in this region rests with individuals and ad hoc groups to supplement the facilities of clubs. This being the case, it is essential to communicate your plans and ideas via the BN website and, in order to reach a wider audience, this newsletter and social media. Please send news of your club/group to alan.peill@bn.org.uk who has compiled this edition.

The Great British Skinny Dip

If you have not already tried Naturism you will be particularly welcomed at many events taking place during Septembare where others like you will be dipping their toes in the water in more ways than one. There are a number happening in our region – See the full list here

Visit A Club

The Naturist Foundation has made it very easy to book a day visit via their website. This is particularly welcome news for individual nudists who may also look into Singles’ Outdoor Club and Suntreckers, both of whom organise visits to clubs in the LSE region. 

Like country walks?

Most of the walks organised by Naturist Ramblers take place in the LSE region. Averaging 11 miles, there are 2-4 walks each month from April to October. The last this year will be on 10 October near Maidstone. Contact them here. Another group in the SE, Stark Trekkers, organises monthly naturist walks of about 6-7 miles usually on weekdays throughout the year (yes, that’s winter too !) mostly in Kent and in East Sussex. The next walk will be on Tuesday 26th September in the Battle area. If interested, please contact Keith (keith@palmer-family.me.uk) or Alan (alanpeill@yahoo.com) for further details.

Support Naturist Businesses

Holiday companies, masseurs, artists and photographers, campsite and B&B owners are all after your buff pound. Why spend your money elsewhere when it’s easy to encourage the provision of such services of benefit to everyone? Two such are Eden Garden B&B and Three Farthings B&B (other B&Bs are available!).

News of Dover Swim

Rod Baker writes:

We have booked the Dover Leisure Centre again for 12 sessions for the period Sunday 24th September until 10th December inclusive. The price will be the same as last year

The New Dover Leisure Centre is coming out of the ground and we have had meetings with the Development team at Dover District Council who seem sympathetic to our requirements although much will depend on the selection of their operational partner. The new facility has a lot of glass and two unisex changing rooms which is not ideal but if “Your Leisure” the current operators win the contract they say that they will be happy to work with us to find a way. We are building up a reserve which may need to go towards new purpose made screens which we can have corporatized. I believe this might 

create an opportunity for the club to be much more open as far as the public are concerned and gain useful publicity. When the time comes we may need to seek support from others in BN to ensure the future of the swim. We have been running for about 45 years and there isn’t really another suitable facility locally.

And finally…

The Naturist London swim is temporarily interrupted due to building work. Please check here

The LSE regional meeting will take place on Saturday 14 October. The venue is yet to be confirmed..

There will be a 5Km Fun Run at the Naturist Foundation on Sunday 17 September

Seasonal swims restart at Southampton on Saturday 16 September and at Eastbourne on Sunday 17 September.  

A word from our sponsors…

Chalfont Holidays is the UK’s No. 1 Naturist tour operator established in 1998 and now part of Eton Travel, a full service travel agency with expertise in specialist travel sectors. They are ABTA and ATOL bonded and can book a full package holiday to Naturist destinations around the world new destinations and types of holidays are being added all the time. Visit their website at www.chalfontholidays.co.uk or call on 01753 740176.
Chalfont Holidays are BN’s main sponsors for 2017. The sponsorship monies will be put to good use for the benefit of members and in return we will be providing Chalfont Holidays with a number of promotional opportunities.

Nudity isn’t indecent. It’s a noble British tradition by Philip Hoare

Very enlightening article on nudity

It is hypocritical to keep jailing the naked rambler when some of our greatest minds were applauded for getting their kit off

tephen Gough, the Naked Rambler, spends 10 years in prison. A 14-year-old schoolboy’s future is blighted for at least a decade because of a naked selfie. What’s “indecent” here – a person wearing no clothes, or a hypocritical society? Surely there’s nothing more seemly than the human body. “Nature has but little clay, like that of which she moulded you,” as Virginia Woolf, who went skinny-dipping with Rupert Brooke, wrote.

The nude is a historical celebration of our intrinsic beauty, the epitome of fine art, from classical statuary and Michelangelo to Spencer Tunick’s contemporary installations and Marc Quinn’s Trafalgar Square plinth statue of the naked Alison Lapper. There is barely a public building unadorned with a naked sculpture, yet we criminalise the real thing. Punishing people for being as God intended (or whomsoever you think made you) is itself a perversion – and actually sexualises the naked body in an extraordinarily unhealthy way.

Read the rest of the article by clicking the link below: 


Photo/ link to article courtesy of The Guardian.com

Public nudity in England & Wales – your rights within the law.

It’s not illegal to be naked in public in England & Wales, however if someone is offended by your actions, it then becomes against the law. This very good insight article from a criminal law blog highlights our rights as naturists. 


Nudity makes us human, Paris Jackson says

Article courtesy http://www.bbc.co.uk

Paris Jackson has a message for her 1.4 million followers on Instagram – nudity is natural and “part of what makes us human”.

The model and only daughter of the late pop superstar Michael Jackson had earlier been criticised for posting a photo of herself lying in the sun topless alongside her dog – using a pair of strategically placed beetle emojis to cover her nipples.

That post appears to have later been deleted. But Paris, 19, later posted another picture of herself – this time topless and smoking, in black and white – alongside a long message hitting out at critics.

Nudism “started as a movement for ‘going back to nature’,” she wrote, “and was even called a philosophy”. It helps her connect to the earth and is a “beautiful thing” that does not have to be seen as sexual, she said.

“Feminism is being able to express yourself in your own way, whether it’s being conservative and wearing lots of clothes or showing yourself.”

She continued: “The human body is a beautiful thing and no matter what ‘flaws’ you have, whether it be scars, or extra weight, stretch marks, freckles, whatever, it is beautiful and you should express yourself however you feel comfortable.

“If this makes some of you upset i completely understand and i encourage you to maybe no longer follow me, but i cannot apologize for this in any way. it is who i am and i refuse to shy away and keep my beliefs a secret.”

Paris Jackson has recently been in the spotlight, after having reportedly signed a seven-figure deal to be the face of Calvin Klein. She recently attended the Met Gala in New York as a guest of the brand and will also appear in an upcoming Amazon Studios film alongside David Oyelowo, Amanda Seyfried and Charlize Theron, Deadline reports.

Article courtesy of http://www.bbc.co.uk

Photos Reuters/ Paris Jackson/ Instagram


My middle-aged voyage into nudism

By Mark Time (from an article courtesy of http://www.telegraph.co.uk

Reaching my 40’s I’m proud to have recently chalked off two highly important items from my bucket list:

Buy a chainsaw

Go nude sunbathing

(I’ve noted to keep both activities separate._

If nudism was good enough for the Royal Marines and the Spartans, it’s surely good enough for me – even if my once toned stomach now looks like 3kg bag of Nadine potatoes.

Such self-consciousness forced me to dabble in nudism in a land not of my own. I chose Croatia, where both naturism and nudism (there is a difference) are common and the weather is warmer. Both are important to a dilettante.

The island of Lokrum lies off the coast of Dubrovnik. Famed for being the place where Richard The Lionheart was shipwrecked and its nudist beach, I chose it as the perfect place to get my kit off for the very first time and an unlikely spot to run into my old English teacher, Mrs Berry.

I watch people board the island’s ferry to highlight any potential fellow nudists. None are distinct – but then I suppose that’s the whole point. Nudity peels away society’s labels. It’s a great leveller against the deference of class, wealth, and occupation. Even the destitute can afford to be naked.

Upon landing I follow a forlorn sign, but it heralds only a maze of paths and an absence of further signs. I chance my arm at the next limestone beach. Surely the nakedness of its inhabitants will signify its use? It’s deserted. What if I strip and it isn’t a nudist beach? What if it’s a designated area of special scientific interest where schoolkids come to learn about the limestone crops I now stand frozen upon?

I find a spot, brazenly near the showers but timidly out of sight for anyone peering from the walkway. I scan for voyeurs. I throw off my footwear and before I can back out of this exercise in self-doubt, in one swift movement remove my shorts. I am now naked. In public.

The caress of air upon unfamiliar regions is strangely pleasing and any embarrassment I fear is noticeable in its absence. I feel liberated and at one with my surroundings. Perhaps I’m a natural at naturism?

Alone as the king of my own private world, my normal luck prevails when a tourist boat chugs by. Apparently I’m far more interesting than what can be viewed through the glass bottom. A crew of voyeurs hoot and holler like football fans as I stand proudly with my meat and two veg in plain view. It’s strange but I feel a kind of headmaster’s scorn for their childish behaviour. Nor do I feel self-conscious hidden behind my sunglasses, I’m more worried of breaking nudist etiquette by wearing them.

I stand boldly on the limestone cliff, contemplating an ageless world over the azure sea. I feel primordial. I’m a caveman with a smart phone.

My confidence soon withers upon hearing people approach. Stay calm, don’t cover up, but don’t stand like a super hero either. I lie on my front and try to relax while reading Bukowski. I say hello to a group of ladies as coolly as I can while my scrotum is squashed on a rapidly heating patch of limestone.

“Nudity peels away society’s labels. It’s a great leveller against the deference of class, wealth, and occupation”

Mark Time

They disrobe adjacent to where I sit. A whole beach awaits, yet one woman lies with her legs spread so close to me that I could be mistaken for her midwife. Where do I look? While I veer uncomfortably from my natural gaze, will my natural voyeurism, borne from people watching in the name of literature, and a crooked neck, cause me to peer longingly at her overt genitalia?

I’m trying to be adult about my unwanted predicament. Claiming naturism enhances sexual titillation is a natural misconception and I feel no arousal for those around me. No matter how attractive the naked woman sitting five metres away is, she cannot look sexy while eating an egg sandwich. So if there is nothing sexual about this, why, when I stand up, do I suck in my belly – is it the naked equivalent of straightening my tie?

One of the ladies motions to me by holding out a plum. It may seem a comical metaphor; it is a polite invitation to join them. We don’t discuss jobs, nor families; we are satisfyingly bereft of identity. We chat, we share food, and we are naked. I feel totally at ease and why shouldn’t I? It’s the most natural thing in the world.

Mark Time is an adventurer and the author of the ‘Bootneck Threesome’ series

Article courtesy http://www.telegraph.co.uk

Photos credit Alamy