Weekend garden project – nature/ naturist.

I have a small area in the corner of my garden shaded by conifers and an Acer tree that I try my best to grow grass on every year and by the late autumn it all dies. 

I must be spending a lot of money and time each year, buying new grass seed and tending and cutting it to see it die and have to start it all over again in the spring.

I had a brainwave a few weeks ago to give up on growing grass in this corner and instead bark chip the ground and add pots of shade loving plants. Not only is it almost maintenance free, it’s kind to insects and other wildlife in the garden.

It meets my naturist beliefs of protecting nature and living in harmony with it. 

Luckily we’ve had some gorgeous warm, sunny weather this early May weekend in southern England and it’s been just perfect for me to work on this garden project and after a few hours, I’m really pleased with the results. 

I have some ferns growing which I will add soon and further pots to give it that authentic woodland feel. I love it and I’ve really enjoyed working naked on both World Naked Gardening Day (7th May) and Sunday.

Enjoy your garden if you have one, if not try and get out and enjoy nature outdoors. It’s good for mind and body. 

World Naked Gardening Day – 2016

Today is World Naked Gardening Day. Usually held annually on the first Saturday in May, it’s aim to promote the healthiness of being naked amongst nature, nothing beats the closeness and synergy we experience when we are naked with the outside world.

Try and get outdoors today and experience your garden naked, remember even if you don’t have a garden, you can try getting naked on your balcony or any outside space where privacy and laws allow.

http://www.wngd.org for more details.

World Naked Gardening Day 7th May 2016

It’s just over one week to go until World Naked Gardening Day 2016 which for the northern hemisphere countries is held on the first Saturday in May. This year being Saturday 7th May 2016.

I shall be taking part as usual and taking photos of myself enjoying my garden naked. Even if you’re not a regular naturist, why not, if you are able to, take part? Sometimes it’s small tastes of what it feels like to be naked outside which can convert textiles to naturism.

It’s a bit of a fun but with an important message behind it, one of freedom, of nature, of our environment and protecting and nourishing it naked and natural.

Go on join me!

You can see more about this event by going to the official World Naked Gardening Day website http://www.wngd.org

Peace, comfort and wellbeing = naked gardening.

Yesterday we had some very heavy rain which pretty much lasted the whole day, thankfully today is Saturday and the weather has improved and feels more like July again.

After a lovely breakfast, I wasted no time in getting outside in my garden naked and started tidying up, pruning, sweeping and filling some bare patches on the lawn with some grass seed. Very busy but I thoroughly enjoy the comfort and peace and feelings of wellbeing that are heightened by gardening clothes-free, enjoying nature, naked as a naturist. 

Rain is forecast again for tomorrow, but I accept the weather that we are given it is that which makes the garden green and fruitful. The sun always returns….

Stay naked my friends, never feel ashamed of your body, it’s the only one you have, enjoy every moment you can without clothes and revel in the freedom it brings!


The relaxing power of naturism + gardening. 

I love being naked and I love gardening, two passions in my life that are an antidote to stress, heal the mind and promote a sense of wellbeing.

I love pottering about in most weathers in my small, private garden, only the coldest, windiest, wettest days stop me enjoying my garden clothes free. Sunshine is best of course, but the feeling of rain on bare skin is wondrous and something everyone should experience!

It’s been recorded by medical sources that being amongst plants and greenery does actively reduce blood pressure and promotes a feeling of calm. I believe this to be true, I also believe being naked at the same time increases these feelings.

‘Dead-heading’ old flowers during the summer is something some gardeners might dread, I love it, I completely switch off my mind and enjoy the moment, tending plants, promoting new flowers and feeling the air on my bare skin.

I only wish I could persuade more clothed gardeners out there who have the privacy too, would try naturism in their gardens, I’m sure once tried, it’s a bug that’s difficult to get rid of!

Stay naked and enjoy your garden if you have one. If not try planting up a tub on your balcony or pots on your windowsill – plants are still plants no matter where you grow them – you don’t need to have a garden to enjoy them.