World Naked Gardening Day is coming soon!

For those of us living in the northern hemisphere, Spring has arrived and this means World Naked Gardening Day is fast approaching.

Time to mark Saturday 5th May 2018 in your diaries.

World Naked Gardening Day is an annual event (this year will be its fourteenth) and encourages people to get outdoors in your garden and enjoy the simple pleasure of connecting with the natural world while being clothes free.

You don’t have to have a garden to join in, in fact many people will not have access to one or they may not be able to be nude in their own garden, it’s about being naked and connecting with nature, why not spend a few hours naked indoors and make up some potted plant arrangements for the window sill? Or Potter about on your terrace or balcony. Plant some seeds or create a terrarium indoors with succulent plants – the activities are simple and varied and the connection is being naked and free.

Why not join in and share your photos on social media on the day using #wngd


Going nude makes you happier…

Breaking nudes! Going naked makes you feel happier, scientist discovers

Got the January blues? Try taking off all your clothes. At least that’s what one scientist suggests after discovering that humans feel more content when completely naked.

Naturists are happier than most people and feel more secure in their bodies, a study by Dr. Keon West of Goldsmiths University in London has found.

When the psychologist conducted further research, he discovered that people report feeling happier after baring it all than they did when clothed.

A lot of research has shown people don’t like their bodies, and that this is fairly independent of what their bodies actually look like,” said West, as quoted by the Times.

Most people think they are too fat or too skinny, and it is a very serious problem that makes a lot of people unhappy,” he explained.

People who engage in nudist activities – such as topless sunbathing, naked bike riding, and visiting nudist colonies – seem to avoid this problem.

“What we found was a very good correlation. Generally, if you did these activities, the longer you did them and the more frequently you did them, the happier you were,” West said.

Discontent with body image can lead to more serious mental health conditions, such as Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), which up to 20 percent of people who undergo cosmetic surgery could be suffering from, according research cited by the Guardian.

West’s study has discovered that the simple act of taking off one’s clothes could help people overcome negative body images.

In a second test, he psychologically assessed people before and after they took part in a ‘Bare all for Polar Bears’ event in Yorkshire Wildlife Park. Participants reported feeling happier afterwards.

Now the psychology lecturer wants to find out exactly what causes this positive boost in mood and pinpoint whether it is the act of seeing lots of other people naked or the experience of being seen nude by others that lifts people’s spirits.

Regardless of what he finds out, West advocates going nude as an affordable way to overcome negative feelings about one’s body.

Lots of people will say: ‘Fine, I still won’t do it’. But it’s a widely available and very, very cheap way of fighting body image dissatisfaction. Everyone can take their clothes off, that’s pretty easy,” he noted.

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Have you experienced being naked in snow?

So far this winter, my little corner of southern England has escaped the snow that has been falling in the north of England and Scotland until today, when we woke up to a couple of centimetres of the white stuff!

I’m not a massive fan of snow, yes it’s nice to look at but it makes getting around that much more difficult especially when like me you don’t drive. Taxis and busses stop running and suddenly you’re left to a precarious walk to work or the shops.

Well that aside, Thursday is a non-working day for me, so it was with massive trepidation, excitement and nervousness that I spent a couple of minutes outdoors in my garden in the snow naked! Yes you did read right, naked. No I’m not mad, yes it was extremely cold but in the time it took me to take five photos on self timer and then rush back indoors to have a hot shower, there was no damage done. It was exhilarating and the feeling of ice cold snow and the wind chill around your body is incredible! Well worth an experience for the brave!

How Instagram and other sites spot nudity in photos..m

Ever wondered how many social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook who have strict non-nudity rules spot nude photos?

Well it turns out they use an algorithm which automatically searches posted photos and looks for differences in skin tone, colours and size and shape to establish if that photo is showing genitalia.

Sounds crazy? Well I discovered a website which actually uses the same algorithm, you can upload your own photo free of charge and it will scan it using the algorithm and tell you whether it thinks it contains nudity or not.

Now, this is the clever science bit, so sit comfortably. There are methods of cheating this algorithm. I’ve discovered ways of posting fully nude photos on my Instagram that have not been removed. There are many ways to fool the algorithm, including ‘misting’ or taking the area which contains genitals out of focus. If you are smaller in the photo and less prominent, the algorithm is fooled into not spotting you, also including an object near or next to your genital area when you take a photo can also fool the algorithm.

All of my photos below have been posted on Instagram and have not been removed.

Please note I’ve not tried this on Facebook because they are even more stricter than Instagram.

You can access the website and put your own photos through the algorithm here:

So next time you get a nude photo removed by Instagram or another social media site, it’s not always because someone reported it, it’s most likely to be an algorithm….

Naturists lead normal lives too…a #Team Naturist project.

A very good fellow Naturist friend of mine on Twitter Björ C. @IbanSaram is working on a new photo #TeamNaturist project to put together a photo collage of us naturists/ nudists leading ‘normal’ lives, doing everyday tasks naked.

I encourage everyone to support Björ and join in, the more of our Naturist community that do, the more the collage will represent our varied and interesting community.

You can send photo contributions directly to Björ at his email address:

Thank you in advance on behalf of Björ!

Can You Come Out as a Naturist and Not Offend Anyone?

Naturist Fab

As I state in the title, I have asked myself this question more and more as I socialize and participate in naturist activities.  Even though my husband John does not partake in these gatherings he allows me the freedom to do so and has often taken naked pictures of me around the house so that I can post them on Twitter.

I am a naturist and will not shy away from stating so if it happens to come up in a conversation among friends (truth be told, I usually bring it up!). So, here is the dilemma I face.  As well as having non-naturist social-media accounts; I have naturist accounts for Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, WordPress and Vimeo and yet, I do not state that among my Facebook or non-naturist social-media accounts.  I figure, one day the two worlds will collide as I am getting more naturist  friends from Twitter on Facebook.

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A naked ramble into the woods…

I dusted off my very rarely used Nordic Walking poles and decided to take advantage of the nice late September sunshine and take a little walk towards Harewood Forest on the outskirts of Andover, Hampshire UK.

The Nordic Walking poles actually enable me to walk further than I would normally be able to do because they support my weight and also help to straighten my spine as I walk. The added benefit of an upper body walkout too.

Within 15 minutes I had walked the pathway out of town, under the A303 dual carriageway and into peaceful countryside, I can’t walk too far because I need to judge the distance to walk back, so I decided to turn off the path and into some fields. It was deserted with no one around so I thought it was safe to take off all my clothes and enjoy a walk naked.

I have done this walk many times in the past and have come across occasional dog walker and hiker and almost everyone says hello and smiles. I think providing you say hello and act normally, the fact that you’re naked (although initially a shock) causes no alarm. Some people in the past have said “good for you” and “nice day for a naked walk”.

The feeling of being naked in nature with the sun and air all over my skin is something magical and the majority of people who have never tried being naked in the outdoors are really missing a great feeling.

I enjoyed a 15 minute walk and picked some blackberries in the hedgerows, sat in the grass bare foot and just let the sunshine and peace fill my soul. 

Time then to get dressed again and head back home.